The family is being proud of his winery´s history.

It has been founded in the year 1860 from our great – grandfather Michael Müllner with a few hectares. In the year 1921 the vineyards have been connect with a winery from our grandfather Johann Müllner and afterwards with his sun Johann Müllner (3rd generation).

He has doing his work with his wife and also his sister. They have expended the vineyards 1984 up to 14 hectares and sold the wines formally in restaurants and hotels in Austria and Germany.

Now Johann Müllner (4th generation) is going on the way up with new vineyards.

His brother Michael also is working at the vineyards and carries on a wine – restaurant in the old city of Krems, same as the winery, along the old city wall.

So we changed nearly everything over the past 15 years. While the ancestors placed their priority on the wine trade, as we overtook the business in 1991 and changed the focus to production and expanded the vineyard area through purchases and leasing. The vineyard area has grown up to nearly 75 hectares. The last years have been marked by variety rationalization. An exemplary terracing of the Riesling vineyard “Faucha” , a now contingent site purchased from 19 different grape growers won the Hans – Czettel Award for Environmental Protection.

Ambitions to enter the international market have proven successful.

We are selling our wines in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Finland, Czech Republik, Slovenia and are working for new markets like USA, Canada, China for example.